Tackling the illegal take of fauna & flora

full time anti-poaching unit

We have a dedicated anti-poaching team who work day and night to protect our marine environment. Patrols are done both independently and also jointly with Kenya Wildlife Service.

Our passionate team is led by the very experienced and renowned conservationist Sammy Safari.


Watch this short film and hear directly from Sammy about why and how we do our anti-poaching work.

training and support

We are fortunate to have a highly skilled team with competencies across many anti-poaching elements. We believe that the best knowledge one has, is the knowledge one applies and importantly, which they share with others.

We provide training and support to others and are proud to be an official learning centre for SMART Conservation Tools.


Monitoring & Evaluation

The patrol data serves as an important tool for Monitoring & Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation interventions in our target area. This goes beyond just Bahari Hai’s work, but for all conservation efforts underway.

The incidences recorded through the patrols and reported incidences from stakeholders provide a quantitative analysis of compliance to the laws and bylaws in the target area.

strategic support

We are very fortunate to have WildAid as our strategic support partner for our anti-poaching unit. The WildAid team provide great technical advise and mentorship to our team, continually working on capacity development and enhancing the impact of our work.

Go On A Journey Inside Our Anti-Poaching Unit

Go on a journey with our anti-poaching team lead, Sammy Safari. This story shares some insight into the threats faced by our marine environment, and how we work to protect our beautiful marine ecosystems and help those who depend on it. 

This is a short film for Scientific American by Samuel Wanjohi, Elizabeth Wanjiru, and Peter Mbugua of Life Spark Studios. It’s a part of the Solutions Storytelling Project, an initiative from the Video Consortium that is supported by the Skoll Foundation.