Got a question? Cool. We like questions. And we’ve got answers. So, maybe you can find your answer here below:

Can I find Bahari Hai on social media? 

You can find our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BahariHai/


Can I come and visit you? 

At the moment our office is pretty small and rather basic. We do have plans to move to a bigger place that lets us welcome visitors and explain about our work.


Can I work for you? 

We don’t have open positions right now, but you can always send us a mail.


Can I intern at Bahari Hai? 

Now and then we are able to offer internships. Please use the form if you are interested.


Why and when was Bahari Hai founded? 

Bahari Hai was founded in 2021. A group of concerned Kilifi citizens joined forces to form a community based conservation organisation.


How can I help? 

There are many ways you can help. You’ll find a few of them of the support page.


What does your name mean? 

In short ‘Living Ocean’. You can read more about in the about section.


Which species do you protect? 

We protect animals, plants and humans. We are famous for our knowledge of sea turtles.


What makes you say you are a community based organisation (CBO)? 

Almost all our employees come from local communities. And we mostly work through and with communities. 


How are you funded? 

We rely on donors from Kenya and the rest of the world. Regular donors as well as major donors.


Do you work with other organisations? 

We work with many other organisations of all sizes and capacity. Some of the more well known organizations are KWS, WCS. FFI and A Rocha.