our story

Unlocking our full potential!

With a deeply rooted passion for our ocean. That is what makes us Bahari Hai.  

In 2021 a group of community members came together with a common desire to make a difference in their own environment and to do so with an organization built upon a solid foundation of good governance and strong leadership.

Feeling blessed to live so close to the ocean, yet at the same time alarmed by all the threats. This deeply felt dedication for the community and its environment is what motivated them to come together. And to act together. Their very first act was the creation of a new community based organisation that protects the marine environment: Bahari Hai.  

What makes our organisation special is that we all have many years of experience in the conservation field. Even though Bahari Hai was founded in 2021, many of our staff have over a decade of experience each, with some more than two decades.

On top of that we pride ourselves in being community based. That means we not only understand the biological (‘technical’) part of conservation work, but also the (‘social economical’) human side of conservation. Crucial to modern conservation, we believe. Sustainable solutions to environmental problems must include the human side. That means working with communities. And through communities. We understand local communities like none else. Because we are part of them!   

Our mission is to be a Community Based Organisation (CBO) that secures the existence of endangered species and creates a thriving natural marine environment for all. 

Although we are still rather small, we do have ambitious plans to scale up working solutions nationwide, and to develop new ones that respond to a rapidly evolving world.