community development

Platform approach 

Bahari Hai has developed a platform strategy for community building. Our strategy directed at artisanal fishermen uses local fisher’s umbrella bodies, fisheries and their common facilities (such as marketplaces) to reach out to all fishermen on the ground. That offers a handy way to promote good governance practices, which incorporates compliance not only to the legal but also to higher ethical standards of utilizing common marine resource sustainably.  

creating an environment of trust

An important objective of this approach is to create an environment of mutual trust and understanding. Many marine problems -such as overfishing- stem from the tragedy of the commons. By having a local network of collaborating fishermen, we can work towards measures such as temporary fishing freezes that help all parties involved in the long term.

Bahari Hai offers assistance by offering evidence advice, tracking results, adherence to the plans and by solving challenges that may arise during the process.