our name

What’s in a name?  

Bahari Hai is kiSwahili and means ‘living ocean’ i.e. an ocean thriving with life. We took our time considering various names and chose Bahari Hai. We felt it best represented the work we will be doing as well as the world we would like to see. Many of our team members have been working in conservation for more than 20 years. Unfortunately in this time we have seen the life within our marine environment decline significantly. Areas that were once thriving with life, have been hit hard by human expansion.

We have been working for many years to bring back life to these areas and ensure sustainable resource use throughout the marine ecosystems. Through Bahari Hai, we have ambitious plans to scale up working solutions, and develop new ones that respond to a rapidly evolving context. 

an ocean full of life : Bahari Hai

We know first-hand that the state of our oceans and marine environments are deeply connected to the people whose lives depend on them. We exist to help create a world where humans and nature live and thrive together.  

Our work. Our dream. Our ambition. Our why. Our pride. Our responsibility: All that is in our name:

Bahari Hai! An ocean full of life.