learn from the ocean experts

We believe that the future belongs to the young generation. That means we have to transfer our knowledge and skills to young students with a heart for conservation. So that, eventually, they can become experts and leaders. Building a more resilient marine conservation community.  

Our internship program is designed to empower the next generation of marine conservationists. 
Through hands-on experience, mentorship, and tailored training, interns gain critical skills and knowledge that contribute to protecting our marine ecosystems.
By immersing in real-world conservation projects, you not only enhance your own expertise but also make a tangible impact on marine ecosystems. Join us to upskill for a cause and become a steward of the sea and coastal communities.

Our Internship/Attachment programme is a professional learning experience where a student or recent graduate works for Bahari Hai for a short period of time.

Attachment: 3 months
Internship: 6 months -1 year (dependent on opportunity and intern performance)

This shall be achieved through mentorship, training, and exposure to the Bahari Hai working environment.

The nature of the Internship/Attachment can be both physical & remote – this will be dependent on the internship opportunities offered and the type of work required.

The number of interns we can host is limited. That means that we look for outstanding students. But that shouldn’t discourage you from applying. Modesty is appreciated, but don’t be shy – let us know why you’re amazing!

So, if you are interested in an internship or attachment please complete the form below: