science & research

Data driven by nature

Bahari Hai works with both formal (international and Keyan) academic institutions and all your wonderful citizen scientists out there! 

Working with leading academic institutions – we focus our efforts on applied (practical) research that can have a tangible conservation impact. We leverage findings from our research to colleague organisations as well as capacity development for local conservationists, researchers and even interns.  

We believe there is great potential for the curious citizen scientists among us! We design projects that enable public participation and encourage everyone to take a keen interest in our marine environment. Join in and help us gather data info that can help inform and improve conservation efforts. 

We believe in data – and sharing it

Bahari Hai is a strong believer in the power of sharing knowledge and enabling those who want to help. This underpins our belief in sharing data through Creative Commons licensing for the benefit of the public. After all, we are merely custodians of the data that our generous funders have entrusted us to collect through our efforts.

Data that is meant to improve nature conservation.