People may be the problem. But they’re also the solution!

We work closely with small-scale fishers to better conserve the marine environment. It is the small-scale fishers and fisher communities who depend on the sea for their survival. This same group also have the ability to transform how we conserve the marine environment – unfortunately, more often than not, their voices are not heard or their advices headed.

Our primary area of work is in Kilifi County, Kenya. With the majority of our efforts spanning the area from Roka in the South and to Malindi in the north of Watamu, which includes the vitally important Mida Creek. Over the past two decades our team have developed deep trust and understanding of the challenges faced in these communities, which helps improve the likelihood of success with the interventions we implement.

We have specific projects that go beyond this section of coastline, such us our efforts further north from Malindi to Thenevi where we work with a network of grass-root conservationists who care deeply about marine conservation and the coastal communities where they live.

All our work is underpinned with respect to these communities and to always listen to them first and co-create the solutions we intend to help enable. We believe this approach is the most effective and will result in meaningful, positive change.