We took the opportunity to pause for a moment and reflect on the past 12months, which has been a blessed time for us.

Not always easy and it certainly had its challenges, but overall, we are incredibly proud of our work and impact achieved and look forward to a positive future ahead of us.

For those that have been part of this journey with us, thank you so much for your support and we hope our impacts already achieved shows our gratitude.

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I believe this Nelson Mandela quote neatly describes the essence of our very first year. Bahari Hai experienced an incredible start. A success that we’re all extremely proud of. We have achieved so many things already. Way more than we ever imagined possible. And all in just one year.

A truly magical year! 

I do not exaggerate when I state that every single one of us will always treasure the year 2021 in his and her heart. The year that marks the milestone when a group of sixteen Kenyan conservation professionals had the courage to give up their secure jobs to start a whole new conservation organisation. A risky thing to do. I feel honoured and blessed to be one of them. And with the privilege of hindsight, we now know it was absolutely the right thing to do.

All that, because we share the same dream: A marine environment thriving with life, alongside those who depend on these special ecosystems. ‘Bahari Hai’.

Honestly, no paper report can do justice to the journey we are on. Yet, we hope our first update report will give you a glimpse of the progress we have made. Describing a few highlights from the past year.

Although this report celebrates our successes, be assured these were equally matched with challenges and important learnings. We will not rest on our laurels. Far from it: There is much work to do to help save and protect our natural world, and time is not on our side

The challenges we face are often daunting. Impossible, many would say. Yet, the past year has shown us that the impossible can be done. That gives us strength and motivation to take on even bigger challenges. So that is what we’ll be doing in our second year and beyond.

From the very depth of our hearts we thank all of you who have helped in your many unique ways. Your help remains essential. We can only achieve the impossible, if we act together. We sincerely hope you will continue to join us in our collective mission and we wish you many, many blessings for the year ahead.


Kahindi Changawa

Chairman | Bahari Hai Conservation 

Download our 12 Month Reflection report 

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