The new nesting season for Watamu MPA has kicked off with the first Olive Ridley nest being laid.

This nest signals the start of the new nesting season, over the years we have seen the new nesting season in Watamu starting in November and December, with the olive ridley species laying before the more common nesting green turtle species.

An olive ridley turtle it is the second-smallest and most abundant of all sea turtles found in the world. However, their numbers are low along the Kenyan coast and are considered endangered.

The nest was spotted by our nest monitor Carlos Fondo during his patrol – we patrol the Watamu MPA every night of the year. This nest also marks Carlos’ 5th nesting season of patrols in the Watamu MPA. Half a decade of protecting sea turtles!

Unfortunately the nest was laid below the high-water mark which places the nest at risk of being eroded and flooded. This risk can be mitigated by careful translocation of the nest to a more suitable site.

We took this opportunity to train the next generation of turtle conservationists by giving Kenya Wildlife Service’s Community Scouts in-the-field lessons on turtle nest translocation.

129 eggs were relocated and we will be monitoring and protecting the nest until hatching, which we expect to happen after around 60days after laying.